Grundfos sets sail to energy efficiency


Grundfos sets sail to energy efficiency

Ocean transport is big business no matter what way you look at it. Today it is estimated that the global fleet compromises of 60,000 ships with 200 new ships being added each year. And the fleet is continuing to grow as are the sizes of these vessels.

Lauritzen Bulkers started life in 1894 and today specialise in transporting dry bulk cargo. Ships use huge amounts of energy to keep everything operational and often the pumps that assist them with doing this are over-sized and inefficient. Now these specialist businesses are turning to experts like pump manufacturer Grundfos Pumps to help them to achieve savings.

Take for example the energy required to cool the ship’s engines. When Grundfos were asked to look at this aspect they quickly realised that although sea-water is being used in the process, no adjustment was being made when vessels were sailing in cooler water. So by adapting the system and regulating the pumps performance to fit specific demands – the Durban Bulker – the selected vessel in this instance, is returning energy savings of 30-50%.

Each ship varies and Lauritzen Bulkers are particularly pleased that Grundfos can offer them a bespoke solution per bulker and both companies look forward to setting a course to achieve significant energy reductions in the future.