Grundfos SP the submersible pump you can forget about

Medium SP submersible pumps

It has almost been 50 years since Grundfos produced the world’s first submersible pump that was made entirely of stainless steel. Since then the SP pump family has continued to evolve and to maintain its leading edge reputation within a wide range of abstraction applications.

The nature of these pumps means that they will spend their operational working life in underground applications, so nothing is more important than reliability and these pumps are renowned for their trouble free operation. Add to this their long service intervals and low energy consumption and you will start to understand why they are the perfect submersible choice.  

In addition, all SP pumps undergo thorough testing to ensure that each pump will operate optimally in the many differing applications including private and public water supply, irrigation and dewatering. With control and monitoring options such as Grundfos Remote Management (GRM) that offers 24-hour system monitoring and a communication interface unit that enables connection to standard field bus networks, this Grundfos SP range, offers a reliable submersible choice you can install and trust.

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