Grundfos steps up sustainability effort


Grundfos steps up sustainability effort

Sustainability has always been at the heart of everything we do at Grundfos and with that comes the responsibility of being capable of clearly demonstrating the effectiveness of these ambitions in real terms.

The latest Sustainability Report from Grundfos does just this. It shows, for example, that just from the total sales of Grundfos energy efficient circulators in the EU alone between 2005-2014, a huge 3.5 billion kWh has been saved. Which, put another way, is the equivalent of the power that is produced by a 500 megawatt coal power plant each year.

In terms of achieving Grundfos’ own environmental ambitions, in 2014 alone, a reduction of 3% was realised in terms of energy consumption and the overall water footprint was reduced by an impressive 6% in comparison to 2013 figures.

This latest report goes further, going beyond the factors that control the overall environmental impact and now incorporates a range of focus areas including Grundfos’ human rights policy. But there is no time to pause and reflect as the focus is already on achieving more and greater steps on the sustainability journey. Visit to find out more.