Grundfos TPE2 and TPE3 the energy efficient choice


TPE2 and TPE3

The TPE2/TPE3 are an extremely energy efficient range of in-line pumps. In fact all TPE2/TPE3 models with their Minimum Efficiency Index of 0.70 well exceed legislative demand that currently stands at 0.40.

This family easily meets IE4 demands – even when you include the energy consumption of the integrated frequency converter - frequently delivering a payback that is often less than 2 years.

Suitable for use in a range of applications including: one-string heating systems, heat recovery systems, boiler shunt pump applications and domestic hot water recirculation these pumps really are the answer to your in-line needs.

With great efficiency savings, wide application suitability and a short payback, every detail of these pumps has been designed to increase your systems performance – making them a hard act to follow.