Grundfos trends at ASHRAE 2012



The 2012 ASHRAE show was the biggest to date with over 428,000 square feet of exhibition space available, but even at that, with over 39,000 people visiting, it was still a busy place with HVAC professionals from many countries in attendance. Who were all eager to find out more about the latest products and newest innovations.

One important element that was trending at that time was around the whole subject of energy reduction, in particular relating to commercial buildings. This is especially important at a time when there are many business units standing empty. After all, who wants to lose money on ineffective systems running in an empty building space? At Grundfos we are also addressing this by redesigned all our motors to make sure that they meet the new, stricter EISA standards. In fact, every new circulator designed by Grundfos is more efficient than the one before.

Another important aspect in the energy efficiency battle is to ensure that every piece of equipment offers the technology to enable it to communicate with to a building management system. As accepted leaders in pump technology and BMS communications, the Grundfos stand at ASHRAE was kept very busy during the show.