Kelpies are the mane event


Kelpies are the mane event - New visitor centre

Although only a recent addition to the Scottish tourist scene, the 2 x 30 metre high, 300 tonnes horses head sculptures in Falkirk, known as The Kelpies, have certainly made their presence felt.

The name is a derivation from mythological beasts who it was said possess the strength and endurance of 10 horses. 18-months later and these structures are a major tourist attraction with a brand new Visitor Centre to support them. The original plans for the centre had to be reviewed, when it became clear that the draw of this attraction was such, that a larger facility would be required.

Grundfos Pumps worked in association with the consultant Atkins and contractor Marmac Services, both Glasgow based, to develop a bespoke solution that would meet the needs of the envisaged one million annual visitors. This meant suppling the complete M&E solution of circulators, booster and pressurisation sets plus ancillary items that would support the centre and its changing demands.

All the Grundfos pumps selected were chosen to ensure they deliver the best energy ratings and will therefore play their role in contributing towards making this centre a futurist place that will, in itself, become a destination in its own right.