Meet the energy challenge NOW


Meet the energy challenge NOW

Without pumps in the world we would have no hot water, heating or air conditioning, nor could we access clean water or dispose of wastewater, not to mention that manufacturing and the process industries would grind to a halt without a wide range of pumps that literally keep the wheels of industry turning.

With all these functionalities it is probably no surprise that pumps currently consume 10% of world’s electrical power, so having the opportunity to find out more about the potential savings they offer to save both energy and help protect the environment can only be good news.

This Meet the energy challenge NOW portal has been developed to provide umbrella coverage for a broad range of energy information that encompasses topics such as: facts on pumps; future legislative demands; technological advances; a broadcast centre and much, much more. Find out more for yourself by visiting

To us at Grundfos, pumps are not just our business but are our passion. Sustainability is one important cornerstone that our business is built on, so presenting the facts about pumping and how to improve efficiencies is not just business to us, but a way a life. Become part of our crusade!