Monkeying around at Chester Zoo


Chester Zoo, waterfall

Home to 11,000 animals and set in 110 acres, Chester Zoo today attracts 1.4 million people annually, which makes it the most visited attraction outside of London. Originally the brainchild of George Mottershead who had an ambition to start a zoo without bars, the zoo is still evolving today.

Animal welfare and improving the publics’ understanding of many species have always been the main drivers, so when the zoo wanted to improve the orang-utan enclosure they turned to Grundfos Pumps to provide them with a reliable and effective pump solution.

The task was to continue to provide sufficient water to supply a waterfall for a bespoke enclosure called the “Realm of the red ape”. This is home to Sumatran orang-utans who are a critically endangered species. The role of this waterfall is to provide a natural barrier, as well as to offer a place for the apes to keep cool.

Effectively providing this solution today are 2 Grundfos submersible SL1 80 pumps. These reliable pumps are suitable for a wide variety of wastewater applications where it is necessary to maintain continuous and trouble free flow.

The outcome has been very satisfactory with Chester Zoo reporting not only trouble free pump operation, but a reduction in the energy costs associated with maintaining the waterfall.