New Grundfos Product Center - replacement made easy


Grundfos Product Center

There are many benefits to the newly launched Grundfos Product Center that has been specifically designed and developed to make choosing the best pump solution as easy as possible.

One such benefit is a simple to use replacement tool, that on entering basic details about an older pump model from Grundfos or from a wide range of competitor pump suppliers, will deliver a number of alternative.

Simply visit the Product Center portal, then select the REPLACEMENT option on the home page. You then simply enter the name of the old pump into the Quick Search field. Alternatively, can you enter the pump’s name and other data into the Classic Search field instead.

Where available, the Product Center will display three replacement pump options for you to choose from:

  • the option with the lowest purchase price
  • the option with the lowest energy consumption
  • the option with the lowest total lifecycle costs.

Additional requirements, such as fluid type, lifecycle costs and evaluation criteria provide additional filtering options and will ensure the best pump replacement choice is right there, at your fingertips - 24/7.

Visit the Grundfos Product Center