New range of Grundfos hygienic pumps


Grundfos hygienic pumps

A new self-priming pump has just been introduced to the extensive Grundfos hygienic range - the GHP. These stainless steel single-stage pumps are based on well-known HILGE technology and build on the best features of the F&B-HYGIA end-suction pumps.

These robust pumps can handle liquids with high air content, as is required in CIP return systems (they meet QHD standards). This means they can be used for product conveyance as well as for cleaning processes. They also feature a new and unique hydraulic technology that allows the impellor to be adjusted to accommodate an exact duty point requirement, improving performance and significantly reducing noise levels.


Available with various shaft seal options, these specially designed GHP pumps will offer trouble-free operation and will continue to deliver optimised and efficient performance regardless of the application.

For more information please visit the GHP product page

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