Grundfos release a new range of submersible pumps


new range of medium SP submersible pumps.

Grundfos have now announced the release of a new range of medium SP submersible pumps. The newly extended family will offer four options – 7, 9, 11 and 14. This will mean better coverage of duty points and higher efficiencies across flow ranges meaning lower running costs.

A range of new features combine to deliver many new and improved benefits. These include improved cable guards that mean better protection of the motor cable. The inclusion of an integral non-return valve minimises the risk of pump damage in cases of water hammering. With a modular construction this means easier assembly as well as a reduced need for component stocking.

Add to this the inbuilt assurance provided by their stainless steel construction, coupled with the fact that they come complete with sand-resistant bearings (150 ppm) as standard plus the fact that the new range not only meets but in many instances exceeds the 2015 MEI (Minimum Efficiency Index) 0.4 standard.

Combining all these factors is sure to deliver another winning combination from Grundfos.