NEW Wastewater iPad App


example of the Wastewater app

Finding ways to demonstrate the operational benefits and attributes of any highly engineered equipment on the go has been unobtainable until quite recently. Today however, the advent of iPad Apps that uses 3-D graphics and augmented reality to demonstrate product features and deliver product attributes directly into your hands have changed this forever.

Now the Grundfos Wastewater iPad App shows how Grundfos are once again leading the way in using new technology to deliver an App via a simple catalogue style view approach. Once linked the App allows access to the industry leading wastewater portfolio that also utilises augmented reality to enable you to explore relevant products.

So if you want to be able to view a pump from any angle, examine exploded views or understand the benefits of internal technological advances, this is an App you’ll want to access. You will also benefit from being able to find detailed product information and performance curve information at any time and wherever you are. This technology is ready for you is access today.

If you have an iPad 2+ simply visit the Apple App store and see the pump world open up in augmented reality.

Watch the video and see the App in action

Quick guide to the augmented reality (AR) functions

  • 1. Download the App onto your iPad 2+
  • 2. For augmented reality (AR) functions, access the App marker.
  • 3. Open the App and select a product then tap the AR button to activate AR mode. Toggle to turn AR on/off.
  • 4. Once your camera is activated from your ipad, point your iPad at the App marker to reveal the virtual wastewater pump.