New waterworks facility is truly innovative


Truelsjerg Waterworks

As the 2nd biggest city in Denmark, Aarhus faces many of the same challenges that are seen in places with a high population density. This includes delivering clean water as effectively as possible and recently they have developed a ground-breaking solution to achieve this.

At Truelsjerg Waterworks a new system, supported by Grundfos Pumps, has been installed that is a closed water treatment system that has changed traditional waterwork designs by pioneering a method that will deliver the highest possible water quality.

This approach means that now there is an entire, enclosed above ground water treatment system. Which results in an end to open cascade aerators that are vulnerable to contaminates. This visionary solution utilises a wide range of Grundfos Pumps that supports all the processes needed for a pressurised closed water systems at every point from source right through to delivery at the tap.

Grundfos were chosen as the ideal partner as they had the perfect range of stainless steel pumps, motors with built-in frequency control and a wide range of sensors that work to support the system. In addition, Grundfos also supplied a range of pumps to support the centres full-scale test facility that will be used by staff and research workers.