No need to compromise between free passage and efficiency with Grundfos


Grundfos S-tube

At Grundfos, our commitment is to introduce breakthrough technologies for the wastewater market, raising the bar and setting new standards for wastewater pump systems and solutions. Innovative technologies from Grundfos bring together intelligence, motors, hydraulics and functionality to meet the challenges of modern wastewater, maximising the hydraulic and electrical efficiency:

  • highest wire-to-water efficiency: reducing your total costs and making life easier
  • best non-clogging capabilities: no compromise on free passage, meaning better solids handling
  • continuous operation: unprecedented reliability from superior mechanical design and advanced intelligent control.

With the launch of the S-tube from Grundfos, pump products meet the multiple challenges presented to the wastewater industry today. This means an operator can maximise up time and reduce costs without the limitations of the traditional trade-off between free passage and efficiency traditionally associated with pumping wastewater.

By combining high efficiency motors, adaptive intelligence and the S-tube impeller pumps can deliver the best total efficiency, the lowest life cycle costs as well as trouble-free operation for your wastewater pump systems and solutions.

In addition, with Grundfos we focus on functional design, where every design detail has been created for a reason. Every design detail matters, as the design determines how easy or how difficult it is to service the pump. It also determines the lifetime of components and, eventually, the complete product, and is therefore the driving factor behind life cycle cost considerations and sustainability.

The S-tube has also been recognised by the industry and has won several awards in the UK and although awards are important as they re-inforce the value of the innovation.

With many claims to technical advances, it can be difficult to know what is truly innovative and what is not. The S-tube from Grundfos has already proved its value – where it matters – in the field where it continues to deliver energy efficiency and serviceability around the clock.