Powerflushing delivers great results


Sludge and other deposits build up in heating systems over time and stop them from working effectively, this can result in larger fuel bills and inefficient systems. Grundfos Watermill recently introduced a new unit to the market that helps overcome these problems the Grundfos Watermill Freeflow Powerflush.

These compact sets have been specifically designed to effectively clean both pressurised and open vented systems and return them to optimal operation through a combination of applying a high water pressure and a cleansing chemical to the pipe network.

Also available is the Grundfos Solar Star - a unit that has been specifically engineered to aid the filling and flushing of aqueous-glycol based systems. These mobile units are powerful enough to cope with both domestic and light commercial demands.

These units are proving to be very popular as they are delivering great results. As an added bonus, if you purchase one of these units before the end of March 2013, you can claim back £100, to find out more about these exciting products and this great offer, visit www.grundfoswatermill.co.uk