S-Tube Launch


S-Tube launch at IFAT

Until now, wastewater pumps have had to compromise between free passage to obtain reliable operation and high efficiency to obtain low operational costs. With the launch of the new S-Tube, Grundfos has now produced a completely new technology that has created a pump that ensures both low operating and maintenance costs.

The new S-tube from Grundfos is part of a completely new pump series and over the next 12 months more sizes will become available with additional S-tubes in smaller pump sizes available later in 2012. Remaining members of the product series will continue to expand the range with several more sizes and models due.

In addition to the unique combination of the newly design S-Tube impeller with large free passage and high efficiency, the pump is fitted with the energy-efficient Grundfos Blueflux motor technology that already meets the strictest efficiency requirements. When you combine the Grundfos wastewater pumps with Grundfos’ control and surveillance systems, you end up with the intelligent Autoadapt, which automatically ensures optimum operation, even under changing conditions.

Access to clean drinking water, disposal of rainwater and wastewater handling are growing challenges all over the world. In addition Grundfos has recently opened a global competence centre whose objective is to contribute to sustainable and innovative solutions and work towards resolving the world’s water problems.

All these factors add up to a launch that isn’t just evolutionary but revolutionary within the wastewater industry – and another first for Grundfos.