Salem Hospital

Built in the 1970’s, the 238-bed Salem Hospital in Heidelberg in Germany needed someone to take a thorough look at the life cycle cost of the pumping system. As older pump systems are often oversized.

Grundfos Pumps were asked to complete a Pump Audit to ascertain what savings could be achieved by upgrading the pump system. It was discovered that the existing pumps were tremendously oversized, which is often the case with older buildings. Additionally, not only were the old pumps oversized, they are also much more inefficient than today’s high efficiency, speed controlled pumps.

Many people do not realise the potential savings that can be made by a pump refurbishment. The most modern pumps on the market today are much more efficient than older pumps. Even pumps that are only 5-10 years old can be outdated as modern, speed controlled pumps ensure that flow and pressure are always precisely adapted to actual demand, providing greater energy efficiency and great savings. This means that even smaller upgrades can be worthwhile.

However, in the case of Salem Hospital, replacing oversized pumps resulted in savings of more than 40,000kWh per year, a quite outstanding result.p