Selcoperm Electrochlorination Disinfection – a solution worth its salt


Grundfos Selcoperm

Water is vital and fundamental, yet this very water can also be a source of a wide range of water borne diseases that are hazardous to health. The most widespread disinfectant used today in the treatment of drinking water is chlorine, which can be applied in a variety of ways.

However now there is an alternative - electrochlorination is the safe, easy, reliable and cost effective method of producing a high quality sodium hypochlorite from simple salt, giving the operator full control over their chlorine production.

With over 300 installations to date, the Grundfos Selcoperm systems are proving to be both reliable and robust alternatives and one that operators can have complete confidence in and achieve significant cost savings, and all by applying the simplest of ingredients: SALT + WATER + ELECTRICITY.

The Grundfos Selcoperm electrochlorination system is safe and relatively inexpensive and has been attracting an increasing amount of interest from many of the water utilities up and down the country, as well as from the private, industrial and process sectors. As this is a packaged system these units can be easily installed in an existing plant room and are an excellent alternative to chlorine gas or commercial sodium hypochlorite applications.

Selcoperm is an ‘undivided cell’ brine system that is designed to produce a high quality, low concentration sodium hypochlorite solution for the disinfection of water that is ideal for use in densely populated areas and hard water areas where scaling is an issue. It offers low whole life costs and is a stable and safe solution in comparison to commercial grade sodium hypochlorite. Combine this with Grundfos’ experience in producing bespoke pump solutions to a wide range of specialist demands and you have a winning formula.

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