Siniat build Grundfos into the business


booster set

Siniat are one of the leading suppliers of gypsum related building solutions in the UK. They are a company that pride themselves on their innovative, industry leading products and solutions.

Grundfos and Siniat established links when Grundfos were asked to look into replacing a competitors fire pumps. Following investigations it was decided to replace the existing set-up with a new FM approved diesel pump. Adding to the complexity of this project was the fact that the pump room would need extensive pipe-work changes plus it was located in a half-submerged underground location in a small nature reserve, meaning that cranes would be needed to get the old pumps out and the new pumps in.

During site visits it became evident that the booster set used to feed the process water to the factory was old and Grundfos suggested an energy report might indicate that this process could be managed much more efficiently with a new set.

Grundfos Service completed a comprehensive site visit and undertook a full pump audit. The results revealed the current set-up was extremely energy inefficient. The decision was then taken to replace the current booster pumps with a 3-pump Grundfos booster set that will save 60%+ energy as well as delivering peace of mind. With the old pumps removed and recycled the Grundfos solution was installed and completed with the supply of a wireless remote alarm panel.

This is yet another great example of where a complex problem can be resolved through a bespoke engineered solution when you chose Grundfos as your pump supply partner.