Sportlight on Russia


2014 Winter Olympics Games

Most people had probably never heard of Sochi in Russia before they were announced as the hosts to the 2014 Winter Olympics Games.

With the awarding of such a major event came the need for Sochi to develop not just the facilities that would be required for the events themselves but also the framework to support the 2,500 athletes from 88 nations, their teams, the media and visitors. In addition the whole infrastructure needed to be upgraded and modernised.  

Grundfos Pumps were able to support all the various requirements and demonstrate their expertise by delivering a range of their pumps solutions to the various direct and indirect venues. This includes supplying the pump solutions for the central stadium, media centre, athletes’ villages, as well as providing pumps to support the new power plants, improve the fresh water supply, bolster the energy capacity, keep a new access tunnel safe, as well as supplying the many other spin-off projects such as new hotels.

All the solutions were developed to cope, not just with the immediate demands of the Games themselves, but also with post-Games needs in mind. With almost 400 pump/pump systems in place Grundfos will be playing their part in providing a medal winning performance for today and tomorrow.