St Leonards reaches new heights


St Leonards

St Leonards is a residential area of East Kilbride. Originally designed as a new town in 1946, it was initially envisaged it would house a population of between 45,000 and 50,000.

Demand quickly outstripped supply and the decision was taken in the 1960s to build multi-storey flats to help meet the housing needs which resulted in, amongst others: the Clyde Tower at 56m the tallest in the area, Calder Tower and White Cart Tower.

Much in need of a makeover these rise blocks have recently undergone a major external and internal facelift. Grundfos Pumps worked with consultants Hulley & Kirkwood and contractors James Frew Ltd., to deliver the optimal bespoke solutions.

Today each tower block has its own district heating plantroom that has a complete Grundfos pump solution including: energy efficient TPED inline pumps, Hydro MPC-E variable speed booster sets, pressurisation units, pressure step degassers and dirt separators.

High rise living is once again appealing thanks to the refurbishments and helping these towers to reach new heights in terms of comfort, are Grundfos pumps.