Staying warm in a cold climate


Staying warm in a cold climate

We all like to keep warm when the temperature drops, but if you are a rhino who is native to the northern part of the Indian sub-continent, the climate at Edinburgh Zoo must be a particular shock.

This is where Grundfos Pumps stepped in and in association with other partners including Lothian Gas, helped to design an energy efficient solution that incorporated a MAGNA3 pump that now operates to support the recently installed 4m x 4m swimming pool, helping to maintain it at 32 °C, for its residents – Bertus and Samir.  

As young males, this pair of one-horned rhinos will play an important role in maintaining the future of the species that was so close to extinction in the early 1900s and who, when fully mature, will play their part in the European Endangered Species Programme.

The Grundfos MAGNA3 range is designed for circulating liquids in a range of applications and is simple to install. It also encompasses a range of unique features as well as being the most efficient circulator available to the market today and can achieve savings of up to 75% compared to a typical installed circulator so will actively contribute towards the 30% energy and emissions saving strategy that the zoo has in place.

Edinburgh Zoo has earned a strong international reputation for its enlightened approach to conservation, this project is an example of their longer term ambitions. Grundfos are pleased to be continuing their association with them.