The Grundfos Conlift just got better


The Grundfos Conlift just got better

CONLIFT are pre-assembled lifting stations from Grundfos Pumps that have been specifically developed for condensate removal and operate automatically when condensate enters the collection tank.

There are several variants available: CONLIFT1 and CONLIFT2 that are supplied with an integrated NC/NO contact and cable so that if the overflow switch detects a high water level this can be used to switch off the boiler. CONLIFT2 also includes an acoustic alarm in case of a high water condition. It also has a selector switch with additional options.

The CONLIFT2 pH+ is the CONLIFT2 but with an additional neutralisation unit supplied for those applications where condensate has a pH value below 2.5. The granulate supplied will raise the acid condensate to a more neutral level. This will reduce the risk of acid corrosion of the underground drainage pipe work within the property.

This new range offers an even wider choice of installation options and as these compact units can be installed as either floor standing or for wall mounting makes them suitable for many applications.

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