The Grundfos drive to reduce costs and carbon footprint


Grundfos drive to reduce costs and carbon footprint

As a renowned pioneer of energy efficient pump technology Grundfos, wanted to reflect this into other areas of their business.

This has resulted in their looking at local car rental requirements and subsequently cutting their expenditure on this aspect by 42% with the help of Business Mobility specialist Alphabet through their Corporate CarSharing solution.  

This proposition means that Grundfos employees have access to a BMW 320 EfficientDynamics that is booked out via an online system and controlled through an electronic card system. The AlphaCity vehicle remains on site providing multiple drivers with access, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through an electronic card system. Jason Funnell, Operations Director says: “As a manufacturer of 10 million+ pumps annually, Grundfos have a global responsibility to minimise energy consumption, so it’s vital that we take any steps to reduce our energy consumption and improve our carbon footprint wherever possible.”

Funnell continues: “Previously we were dependent on rental vehicles, which were not only time-intensive to manage, but there was no guarantee that the vehicle delivered would be environmentally friendly. Also due to the timing of business journeys, more often than not vehicles had to be delivered a day in advance, and returned a day after, tripling costs unnecessarily.”


Grundfos has been an Alphabet customer for over four years and both companies continue to work collaboratively to drive down both direct and indirect car costs, whilst ensuring that staff have ready access to a well maintained, energy efficient vehicle.