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Installer companion app

To help you to select the right pump for your needs, the Grundfos Installer Companion App is proving to be a worthwhile and valuable download. This App is the latest reincarnation of the Grundfos Pump Installer Handbook that was so popular a few years ago but that grew too large to be a practical aide.

Once uploaded, no matter where you are if you need additional information or some extra assistance, the App will be right there to support you.  It will give you access to: product information, application know-how, easy sizing and selection, a handy replacement aid, pump selection guide; plus a really useful set of calculators that you can reference for a range of system parameters and trouble-shooting options.

To find out more about the App click here or download the App from Google play or the App store. We think you will find it this App to be an invaluable support tool; it will always be there ready to answer any pump query you may have.

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