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6 Cylinder Diesel Fire Set

Fisher Scientific is a leading supplier of laboratory chemicals and equipment who operate from a large site in Loughborough and employ 450 people. As a business they supply 170,000 specialist scientific products - many of which are highly flammable.

Due to a catastrophic site fire pump failure, the company had an urgent requirement for a more robust system with better remote monitoring facilities. So Fisher Scientific elected to contact the specialist fire team within Grundfos Pumps to seek their input to design an improved solution.

Following consultation, Grundfos specified and supplied 2 FM fire pumps and a Grundfos Remote Monitoring (GRM) system that included wireless systems. The new GRM system now means that any situation that may arise will be captured and communicated via a range of communication options including SMS, email and via telephone. This assurance is backed-up by Grundfos Service being connected within the GRM link. Additionally this Grundfos GRM system also offers a range of continuous monitoring surveillance options specific to this sites requirement.

We all know the devastating consequences of fire but being able to install a bespoke system that not only has the ability to keep fire under control but that can also act as an intelligent fire communication hub, means that these Grundfos GRM systems have taken prevention to a whole new level.

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