The story of an entrepreneur became a fairy-tale


Oestergade 158

70 years ago saw an extraordinary industrial story start to unfold. In 1945, in a small town in Denmark, a man was asked to supply a water pump to a nearby farm – he did.

His name was Poul Due Jensen, an entrepreneur, who was technically gifted and full of initiative and this was the start of Grundfos Pumps.

Today Grundfos are a global Group producing 16 million pumps each year supported by 19,000 employees in 80 companies based in 55 countries worldwide.  Today they have developed, designed, produced and shipped millions upon millions of pumps, supporting a huge range of applications, to customers in practically every nook and cranny around the world.

……………….And all this was started by one man working from in a small smithy in a Danish backwater, truly a modern day fairy tale.


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