Volkswagen use Grundfos to drive change


Volkswagen use Grundfos to drive change

The name of Volkswagen is more usually associated with cars, however they are also a major engine manufacturer who produce 7,000 engines a day. They produce 370 diesel and petrol variants to service their car manufacturing as well as engines for industrial and marine purposes and for cogeneration plants.

Their engine manufacturing plant at Salzgitter is large by any standards at 320,000m2 and the manufacturing process is supported by 6,200 machine tools that mill, bore, turn, hone and grind cast parts and ingots that pass through up to twelve assembly lines before an engine is complete. An important part of the process is delivering the cooling lubricant. This is where Grundfos Pumps came in.


To improve the quality at every stage in the process the system is constantly under review which includes ensuring that the energy consumed at the various stages is minimised despite the high pressure and temperatures needed. This when the team in conjunction with Grundfos decided to install Grundfos NKE variable speed standard pumps, along with a CUE frequency converter and a communication interface, into the key honing system.


Volkswagen have been very pleased with the outcome in terms of the system control it offers and wider communication interface as well as the energy savings that have resulted.