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Direct sensors

As IT systems continue to support every aspect of our lives, so too does the sophistication of the back-up systems that supply the data centres where our information is stored. A particular challenge, is managing the heat densities created by the power demands of the blade servers and their enclosures.

Today there are specialist companies that offer solutions including the more obvious option of air conditioning systems. These are however inefficient and expensive.

Water, on the other hand is an excellent and efficient way of transferring heat content but places a higher reliance on the competence of companies who are involved in delivering these solutions. This is where Grundfos’ expertise and ability to provide both an extensive range of pumps and sensors makes them an ideal partner.

Grundfos have been working alongside a key partner and have devised a robust solution that involves not just an integrated pump package, but also their range of vortex flow sensors. These industrial quality stainless steel sensors are now a staple in data centre systems and were selected as they offer high grade resistance against corrosion and mechanical wear. Additionally, as they have no moving parts, no drift, recalibration or maintenance will be required.


With no slowing down in our voracious appetite for technology in sight, these data centres are being designed to allow them to be scaled-up. This means that future proofing is implicit in any new centre something that Grundfos have calculated into their solution making them the pump supplier of choice not just for today, but for tomorrow as well.