Active House Alliance

Our position

Who wants to live or work in an energy efficient building that is not comfortable…?


We believe:

  • We need to prioritize the individual comfort of the users to deliver on the primary purpose of a building, of a home: A comfortable living or working space.
  • The buildings must deliver the expected individual temperature, lighting, and air quality, to avoid undesired user actions increasing the performance gap.
  • We need flexible, active comfort systems making the right, sustainable choices for the efficiency of the buildings, while guarding comfort; the same principles that apply to Grundfos’ high-efficiency pumps and functionalities like AUTOADAPT.


The Active House Alliance aims at achieving this comfort/efficiency balance in codes and legislation driven by the good examples and free tools for supporters that make it easier to build sustainable; and this is why we support the agenda of the Active House Alliance, and have engaged in the organization.

Active House Alliance

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