Our performance

At Grundfos we take pride in doing our part in contributing to a more sustainable world - and we approach the task with confidence.

Every day Grundfos people take steps to create sustainable results and to contribute to Grundfos becoming an ever more sustainable company.

We focus on actions and results:

Raise the bar; Make a difference; Reduce footprint; Value everyone; Be a good neighbour; Act ethically.

Here are the highlights of our sustainability results 2013.     


Reduce footprint

Water: It is our ambition to reduce our total water consumption by 50% of 2008 level by 2025. Since 2008, we have reduced our water consumption by 28% in spite of the fact that we have grown our business with 22% in the same period.

CO2/Energy: Our ambition is never to emit more CO2 than we did in 2008. Since 2008, we have reduced our absolute CO2 emission with 20%. We reduce our CO2 emissions through global dedication to energy reductions. Since 2008, we have reduced our total energy consumption by 9% in absolute numbers.


Be a good neighbour

Water Missions International, a private NGO and partner to Grundfos, operates water projects in Uganda, Haiti and Malawi. In 2013, the water projects have provided a reliable water supply to approx. 44,000 people in rural and peri-urban areas. Grundfos provides the innovative technology of Grundfos Lifelink water solutions, which makes Water Missions International able to be a long-term committed water service operator for low-income communities living in remote areas. Through the revenue collection platform of the Lifelink technology, Water Mission International maintains the responsibility for all assets, financial management, and monitoring of the water systems.


Make a difference

As of 2013, engaged Grundfos employees worldwide had collected 179,284 Euro to the employee programme Water2Life. The funds were collected through local events in Grundfos companies in aid of Water2Life – in 2013, 54 out of 83 Grundfos companies participated actively in Water2Life. The collected funds have been used to secure poor people in Kenya and Vietnam sustainable access to clean water.


Raise the bar

The total sales of the Grundfos high efficiency circulator pumps in EU from 2005-2013 have saved 2.8 billion kWh per year, which corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of 600,000 European households.

In the future, we will work even more focused with the entire life cycle of our products; in 2013 we have initiated the flagship project “take back of pumps” in the Danish companies. Furthermore, a global implementation of taking sustainability into consideration through eco-design tools has been kick-started in product development.


Act ethically

After the launch of the Code of Conduct handbook in 2012, we have experienced an increased awareness of the Grundfos Code of Conduct. The number of claims on potential breaches of the Code of Conduct reported to the Ethics Committee in 2013 increased by 9 claims (2013: 15 claims), the number of actual breaches decreased from 1 in 2012 to 0 in 2013.


Female Leaders

We believe that diversity in gender will strengthen Grundfos as a dynamic and innovative company. Therefore, it is of high priority to Grundfos to increase the number of female leaders in management and in group positions globally. Our ambition is to have 25% female leaders in 2017. In 2013, the female leaders in the entire group are 19%, but e.g. the Asian Grundfos companies have already reached the target with 25% of their leaders being female.

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