People competences


To live up to our ambitions and visions, Grundfos needs people with the right competences. Having the right competences within sustainability is a precondition for Grundfos to succeed. Therefore, we wish to be the first choice workplace for the best and the brightest.

With the focus area 'People competences' we commit ourselves to attract, retain and develop world class people to take on the sustainability agenda.

The focus area ‘People competences’ has two tracks: The first is to create general awareness on sustainability and make it part of the mindset; e.g. by incorporating sustainability into existing training programmes, and thereby making it a natural part of our understanding and everything we do.

Secondly, we wish to develop competences relating to sustainability issues throughout the organisation e.g. in training sessions and specific training programmes for key functions such as managers, purchase, sales, and product development. The education of managers and leaders have a specific focus, as they lead by example and their awareness and willingness have a great influence.


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