Responsible business conduct


To be a responsible company, it is important to ensure legal and ethical compliance in order to minimise risks, to live up to our values and to meet stakeholder demands.

With the focus area 'Responsible business conduct' we will focus on strengthening our activities in order to comply with the UN Global Compact in regards to labour standards, human rights, anti-corruption, and environment.

With our Code of Conduct we wish to guide all Grundfos companies and employees. This relates to our internal conduct, as well as our behaviour towards external stakeholders.

In short we wish to:

  • ensure high ethical business standards in Grundfos, and that it become an integrated part of all our operations.
  • ensure that we comply with relevant laws and voluntary commitments, by strengthening our focus on establishing and maintaining well-founded business ethics.

We will continue to require our suppliers to meet our standards and actively inspire them to improve. And we encourage our customers and other business partners to do the same.

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