Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Grundfos is a global company, operating across cultures, traditions, local laws and regulations. Our Code of Conduct is an important global standard that tells us how we do business in an ethical manner – no matter where in the world, we are. 

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct booklet

We believe that honesty and integrity are universal languages that align with our core values. In early 2017, we launched the updated Code of Conduct, consists of 15 rules and it is available in 21 languages. The Code applies to all employees of Grundfos in all positions and in all countries.

Read the Code of Conduct and learn how we do business.


Code of conduct governance

Code of Conduct governance

Our Code of Conduct is supported by a strong Code of Conduct Governance Framework. Its role is to support and facilitate the overall understanding of our Code of Conduct along with our compliance, which is rolled out by the Group Management to each individual employee.

Grundfos Ethics Committee, an independent body of executive managers appointed by Group Management, is the core element of the framework. Other than constantly monitors our compliance with the Code of Conduct, the Ethics Committee is also responsible for Grundfos whistle-blower function which provide employees, board members and third parties cooperating with Grundfos (such as suppliers, advisers, consultants, business partners, etc.) the means to report non-suspected breaches of the Code of Conduct. It is our commitment to conduct business based on honesty and integrity.