Reducing own footprint


At Grundfos we take our own medicine and commit us to reduce our environmental footprint throughout our value chain in buildings, processes and activities regardless whether we operate at a production line or in office.  

Taking our own medicine is more than anything about creating environmental mindset, management commitment and involving employees. This is also about having the right tools: when getting good environmental ideas and initiatives, generated by our employees, we turn them to a systematic and conceptualized approach, bringing these initiatives to a higher level.  


Use your energy to save energy

Reducing energy consumption related to our activities and reducing our customers’ energy consumption is one of the most important aspects in the effort to realize our ambition to never emit more CO2 than in we did in 2008, despite the economic growth.


Water – Taking the lead

Water is essential for basic survival, food production and business growth. Therefore every single drop counts. We have committed to reduce our total water consumption by 50 % of 2008 level by 2025 and to improve the quality of discharged water aiming for zero impact on the surrounding environment.


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