Use your energy to save energy

Our ambition

Reducing energy consumption related to our activities and reducing our customers’ energy consumption is one of the most important aspects in the effort to realize the ambition in relation to CO2 emissions - as when saving energy we reduce CO2 emissions.

We have committed never to emit more CO2 than in 2008 despite the growth in turnover. In absolute numbers our emitted ton of CO2 should not increase compared to 2008. As we plan economic growth at a level higher than 10 % we have a challenge!

Our approach

To ensure that we live up to our ambition a strong commitment from top management and in our local companies is required. Beginning with local approach under the slogan ‘Use Your Energy to Save Energy’ we took a journey and focused on low-hanging fruits.

Being enriched with knowledge and experience we collected this knowledge and shared good ideas globally, using ‘best practices’ and getting more and more matured in energy efficiency. The ‘best practises’ provided Grundfos with a basis to build up concepts to move on and implement energy efficient initiatives globally.

Our achievements

With year 2008 as the baseline for the follow-up on the results, Grundfos has achieved its ambition in relation to CO2 emissions, and continue improving it further with confidence and great engagement.


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