Water - taking the lead

We have a role to play

Water is essential for basic survival, food production and business growth. Therefore every single drop counts. Water in the right quality, at the right place, at the right time and in the right amount is becoming the main global challenge and issue for society at large. At Grundfos we know that we have a role to play.

The water strategy

We have committed by 2025 to reduce our total water consumption with 50 % compared to 2008 level, and to improve the quality of discharged water aiming to achieve zero impact on the surrounding environment.

Over time we will strive to treat the water to a higher quality than the water we receive in area where it will make a difference. We believe that we can respond to water challenge by providing solutions and show cases going beyond our products and services.

Review, reduce, engage & care

The water challenge is approached from different angels, following three paths: Review, reduce, and engage & care.

In ‘Review’ we gain a needed knowledge and understanding of in which way, where and how much water is used directly in our locations. In ‘Reduce’, we set the targets, monitor the results, develop technologies and create platforms to share knowledge. When ‘Engaging and care’ we strive to seek political influence, engage water users, provide customers with water efficient solutions and invest in water project beyond own watershed.

Harvesting the results

Our company belief is that big changes start with small actions. The Water Risk Assessment gives us the possibility to identify the hotspots, where action is required mostly, and the guideline to prioritise our efforts.

The global Water Efficiency Programme moves us even further, giving a frame and platform to create and develop innovative solutions. The driving force behind this and the greatest assess is our people delivering commitment and dedication at the highest level.

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