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Local public health engineers guide

Cold water in commercial buildings

Why must water be stored?

  • 1. To prevent backflow of water into a mains supply.
  • 2. To avoid depressurising the mains supply and causing contamination by the ingress of materials into the mains.
  • 3. To ensure continuity of water supply under restricted water pressure delivery and to meet peak flow demands.

Where the water is stored within a building depends upon many factors, including the structural advantage of storing the maximum amount of water at or below ground level, the need to ensure that any water stored does not stagnate, and the potential vulnerability of the water supply in the event of power failure.

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Local public health engineers guide


What is geothermal energy?

Geothermal energy is the heat energy in molten magma in the core of the earth. Heat is brought near to the surface by thermal conduction and by intrusion of magma into the earth’s crust. Because no fossil fuel is involved, geothermal energy delivers reduced or negligible CO2 emissions compared to conventional energy sources. The energy in these hot rocks and water can be harnessed with different technologies.

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Local public health engineers guide

Download Public Health Engineers guide

The role of Public Health Engineers is a very important and diverse one. To fulfil the myriad of laid down objectives means being an expert in an
increasing number of areas – that includes both best practise and the plethora of legislation that affects ensuring the health, safety and overall wellbeing of the general public.

Pumps have a significant role to play in many different applications that fall within your remit and this guide as been specifically written by us to offer an overview on the many areas where there is a Grundfos pump or pump solution that will assist you in matching our products with your specific, exacting demands.

Download the Public Health Engineers guide

Creating projects in the Grundfos Product Center

At the Grundfos Product Center you can do more than find the exact information you need on any Grundfos pump. You are also able to collect many products in groups and create projects. This is particularly useful in larger implementation tasks, as it enables you to create folders, collect all the products you need and edit the input continuously. You can then save this information and also share it with relevant stakeholders.

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