Intelligent pump solutions in commercial buildings

A pump is no longer just a pump

Increase performance and efficiency in any application with intelligent pump solutions.

In every high performing building there is a high performing pump. But pumps are only part of the story. Intelligent solutions allow you to take control of your entire system to achieve an even higher performing building. With intelligent pumps, design and high efficiency IE5 motors, Grundfos is raising the bar to ensure exactly this.


Challenges and solutions

Grundfos provides intelligent solutions that ensure better performance, comfort, control and energy efficiency, no matter what the challenge is.

Save water and energy with proportional pressure control

In many water boosting systems in commercial buildings, it’s become the norm to operate in constant pressure mode. However, it is actually much more beneficial to operate the systems in proportional pressure mode.

Building a lighter, more time-saving BIM project

BIM is a valuable tool for managing every step of a building’s life cycle. But BIM assets are often based on 3D drawings from the development of the product, resulting in data-heavy files. We give you the level of detail you need in your model, leaving out the non-value adding data.

Beat the low Delta T challenge in one-pipe heating applications

In one-pipe heating applications, when hot water is by-passed between the flow and return pipe, a high return temperature leads to low Delta T. This results in substantial fines from the heating plant. But the issue can easily be resolved by utilising Delta T control from within the pump. 

Implement district energy and increase system efficiency

More than half of the energy currently used for conventional heating and cooling is wasted due to significant temperature losses and poor system efficiency. The answer to modern energy challenges lies in district energy, which is paving the way for a fossil-free future. 

Ensure reliable wastewater removal inside and outside the building

Traditional gravitation systems present a range of challenges to wastewater removal, including high installation complexity and an increased risk of flooding. The alternative is pressurised wastewater solutions, offering greater efficiency and maximum backflow protection.

Take control of every system with a temperature controlled pump

Instant hot water when you open the tap is taken for granted in commercial buildings. But the traditional approach to constant hot water circulation is neither efficient nor low cost. It consists of a constant speed pump throttled by a valve. The alternative is intelligence.

Ensure the optimum return temperature in any boiler system design

A condensing boiler that doesn’t condense? Or a non-condensing boiler that does condense? These outcomes are never intended but the consequences include corrosion, thermal shock and increased fuel costs. They can all be avoided by choosing intelligent pump control.

Don't over-pressurise water booster systems

When designing booster systems for tall buildings, the aim is to deliver appropriate pressure at all floors. But the solutions for booster system design vary greatly. And so does the difference in efficiency between them.

Eliminate chiller freezing and tripping with variable flow

Chilled water systems are susceptible to freezing and tripping, and you need to avoid them both to ensure comfort and energy efficiency. Intelligently controlled variable flow offers the solution.

Optimise pump systems with Grundfos service offerings

During the lifetime of a pump system, the service offerings you need to ensure it runs optimally will vary greatly. Grundfos service offerings cover your needs in the entire life-cycle. We assist you in considering all the factors that can ensure your system performs with maximum efficiency.

Search and size with all the information at your fingertips

Pump curves, technical specs, CAD drawings, available spare parts, installation videos, and other documentation – selecting the right pump system requires information. Your personal assistant, Grundfos Product Center, has it all ready for you.

Get in touch with Grundfos today

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Case: Hospital grows 40% without increasing energy use

Intelligence in action

University Hospital, Brussels

University Hospital (UZ) Brussels plans to grow by 40% over the next decade – without increasing its energy consumption. But is it a realistic goal and what equipment plays a major role?

Case story

“Pump replacement will help UZ Brussels become one of Belgium’s most sustainable hospitals”

Energy Engineering Manager, University Hospital, Brussels, Belgium



  • Intelligent circulators for commercial heating and cooling
  • Sophisticated control modes, such as FLOWLIMIT and AUTOADAPT, cut energy and installation costs
  • TFT screen and wireless communications ensure easy set-up and diagnostics
  • Logging and BMS communications aid ongoing system optimisation

Grundfos is proud to introduce its MGE pump motors with the new IE5 status - the world's highest energy efficiency rating. Discover how our ground-breaking Grundfos iSOLUTIONS motors meet the strictest IE5 criteria to deliver you an unsurpassed level of energy efficiency.