Optimise pump installations with Grundfos service offerings

Covering your service needs in the entire life-cycle

Your challenge:

During the lifetime of a pump system, the service offerings you need to ensure the pump system runs optimally will vary greatly. Whether you are selecting, installing, operating or replacing, the choices you make have a significant influence on the performance of the application. The right professional services and solutions can help you optimise lifetime, efficiency and downtime.

Our solution:

Grundfos service offerings cover your needs in the entire life cycle. We assist you inconsidering all the factors that can ensure your system performs with maximum efficiency. Our professional services and solutions cover a broad spectrum, from navigating in the latest pump technology to getting an overview of the life-cycle-costs (LCC) of your pumps. Grundfos commissioning and service contracts ensure your pumping system is tested, ready to run and always functions reliably. Our goal is to facilitate decisions that benefit your financials and the environment.


Easy selection with our service portfolios

Our service portfolios make it easy for you to select the right service product for your application. Portfolios include commissioning services, service contracts, recommended spare parts and more.

Case study: Energy check identifies potential savings of 643,000 kWh


Estimated savings per year

Replacing 217 outdated pumps and installing an additional 100 new Grundfos pumps at University Hospital Brussels was part of a plan for significant savings.

Energy 643,000 kWh

Cost 65,000 euro

CO2 140 tonnes

Payback time 4 years

Supporting the hospital’s finances through energy economy

Grundfos energy consultant Dirk Raes performed an Energy Check on all the pumps and pumping systems at University Hospital Brussels. This lead to a replacement plan that estimated savings of more than 643,000 kWh per year if the hospital made the proposed replacements. We helped them take the first step towards their goal of becoming one of the most sustainable healthcare facilities in Belgium.





One of the high-efficiency replacements

  • High efficiency commercial heating and cooling circulators
  • Sophisticated control modes, such as FLOWLIMIT and AUTOADAPT, cut energy andinstallation costs
  • TFT screen and wireless communications ensure easy set-up and diagnostics
  • Logging and BMS communications aid ongoing system optimisation