Smarter engineering with pump search and sizing in Grundfos Product Center

Your personal toolbox for smarter and better engineering in commercial buildings 

Your challenge:

An efficient and reliable application design process relies on having the required data at hand when you need it. But the reality is often that there is significant time investment associated with gathering product files, calculating and comparing different data sets, and verifying evaluations. We developed Grundfos Product Center to allow you to work more efficiently.

Our solution:

No matter which stage of the application design process you are at, Grundfos Product Center can help you in arriving at reliable solutions faster. With all information collected in one place, you have direct access to pump curves, technical specs, CAD drawings, available spare parts, installer guides, videos and other documentation. Or you can take advantage of all this knowledge being integrated into the available tools, letting you compare and evaluate lists of products with the click of a button.

Explore Grundfos Product Center - much more than a product finder

Get product information in a smart way fast

Grundfos Product Center – your personal toolbox for smarter and better engineering – makes finding pump information easy. Watch how to quickly access the exact product information you seek – in one, convenient place.

Quick pump sizing by application

Looking for a pump to fit your application and duty point? This video shows you how Grundfos Product Center can help you find all the information you need – from application right through to installation. Watch the video to see how.

Find the best energy efficient pump fast

Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important all over the world. This video shows how you can quickly calculate a pump’s energy efficiency with a LCC evaluation criteria. Watch the video to see how.