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Build a stronger business

See our best Hints and Tips for building a stronger business in the videos below.

Here you can learn things like how to use Google my business – a toolbox that makes it easy for your customers to find you online and easy for you to promote your business.

Hints & Tips videos

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Can your customers find you?

Are you easy to find when a customer needs an installer?

Find out here how you can help your customers find you online

Watch the video here

Watch the video here

Get started with Google My Business

This video shows you how to get started with Google's business tool.

It will help you reach more people online and give you a chance to win more customers.

Watch the video here

Watch the video here

Promote your business online

This video shows you how an installer promotes his business online using Google’s toolbox.

Watch it and learn how you can promote your business in new, exciting ways!

Watch the video here

Watch the video here

See what works

Get to know your customers and see how they interact with your company.

How did they find you, where do they come from.

Google My Business has the answers.

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