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Whether your customer is asking for the best of the best in heating pumps or a simpler solution, our domestic circulators will come through for you. And the best part is that whichever model you choose, installation is a walk in the park and high-quality is guaranteed. Meet the family in more detail below to find the right option for your next job.

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Choosing the right heating pump for a specific job has never been easier. Find the perfect match right here.

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The ultimate circulator with easy hydronic balancing solution

On its own the ALPHA3 is one of the absolute best circulators on the market. And if you add the ALPHA Reader and the GO Balance app, you’ve got the sophisticated ALPHA3 system for easy and correct hydronic balancing of heating systems in family homes.

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“Grundfos helps me see how I can help my customers”

Did you know that asking your customers a few simple questions could land you more business?

A lot of energy is wasted in family homes because the radiators are not correctly balanced. Find out right now how you can help your customers save money while growing your own business.

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Get hydronic balancing right in 5 minutes

Get to know the ALPHA3 system really well with a couple of short online tutorials. Learn how to carry out hydronic balancing and about how your customers can benefit from the sophisticated solution.

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Collect points with every domestic circulator you purchase and turn them into great rewards. All you need to do to get started is join WIN & EARN.

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