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IEC efficiency standard
The International Electrotechnical Commission (the IEC) developed the IE energy efficiency standard in order to confront the problem of nations having different standards for energy efficiency.
An impeller is a rotating iron or steel disc with vanes in a centrifugal pump.
Indirect system
An indirect system is a heating system where the heat emitters are not in direct connection with a boiler or district heating system.
Indoor temperature
Indoor temperature
Induced power
The difference between the power induced to the pump and the hydraulic power indicates the efficiency of the pump.
Infiltration describes the ingress of groundwater into a sewer system through faulty joints, damaged pipes, at manholes, etc.
Initial costs (Cic)
In the calculation of life cycle cost, the initial cost of a pumping system covers all the equipment and accessories needed to operate the system.
Inlet pressure
Inlet pressure describes the pressure available where the suction pipe meets the booster pump.
Installation and commissioning costs (Cin)
The calculation of life cycle cost includes the cost of installing and commissioning a pumping system.
Intergranular corrosion
Metallic corrosion involves the loss of metal at a spot on an exposed surface.