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Lambda value
The heat conductivity of a material is known as its lambda value.
Latent cooling load
Latent cooling load is a measure of the amount of energy that is necessary to dehumidify the air in a building, for example, regardless of the outdoor humidity.
Laws of affinity
The laws of affinity express the mathematical relationship between flow, pump speed (rpm), head and power consumption for centrifugal pumps.
Leakage control
Air conditioning and heating systems in buildings that have special inventories or which are especially vulnerable to the effects of water damage can have leakage-protection installed.
Legionella bacteria can be the cause of two illnesses in humans: Legionnaires’ disease, an infection that produces pneumonia and Pontiac fever, which resembles acute influenza.
Legionella in cold water systems
When designing cold water systems water temperature, retention time, pipe material and regular system maintenance is of great importance in order to prevent micro bacterial growth.
Legionella in cooling towers
Cooling water in cooling towers for air-conditioning purposes are often subject to microbacterial growth. A disinfection system should always be installed.
Legionella in hot water systems
When designing hot water systems the water temperature, water retention time, pipe material and making way for regular system maintenance is of great importance in order to prevent microbacterial growth.
Legionnaires disease
Legionnaires' disease is a serious lung disease which is caused by breathing in aerosols infected with the bacteria Legionella Pneumophila. Of those who are infected up to 30% will die.
Level sensors
A level sensor is a device that measures the water level.