Current Grundfos Product Center Version

Current Grundfos Product Center version

Information on changes in the latest version of the Grundfos Product Center.

What's new in Product Center 1.11?

Print is now possible in product comparison.

It is now possible to choose not to show prices in prints.

A button to show more information is now available for some service parts.

When viewing pumps in the catalogue on the hydraulic level as curves, you are now properly taken to the product level rather than a product whenever you select one of the curves.

The bread-crumps have been reworked. It is now possible to use the browsers back button to navigate the site.

It is now visible which products are discontinued in the result list.

It is now possible to download previous versions of documents.

It is now possible to toggle between 50hz and 60hz products in result lists in the catalogue and search.

"Sizing result" will now be the default selection tab when accessing a product page through sizing.

Sizing of GAM products is now available.

Updated values in the pipe friction loss calculator for stainless steel.

Bug fixes

  • Spare parts that went missing in version 1.10 are now back.
  • Made adjustments to replacement, including machine tools, wastewater, SPK and CR, CRK and CHI.
  • Standard RSI selection is now "Any RSI" in Advanced Sizing – Renewable.
  • Fixed some issues with LCC and duty point in product comparison.
  • The logic behind search on the front page has been improved.
  • Special characters are now supported in search.
  • Users who access GPC with Safari in Private mode will now receive a message telling them that this combination may not work.
  • YouTube videos once again appear in the help section.
  • Now there is a filter for SP14A in the SP product family in the catalogue.
  • The timestamp shown on the front page for product history is now local rather than always CET.
  • Tolerance classes on the product page in the specifications and on the curve should no longer differ on some products.
  • 60hz products no longer appear when searching for literature with frequency set to 50hz.
  • Made several improvements to SQFlex sizing in Advanced Sizing – Renewable.
  • Units now follow the current unit system when setting a duty point in product comparison.
  • Adding a product to a project when the user has no projects now gives a proper message.
  • Fixed an issue with the user-defined day in print.
  • Fixed an issue where pictures were missing when pressing "Help me select".
  • Fixed an issue where quick sizing was not working with DP pumps.
  • Fixed an issue where the unit from sizing was not transferred to the product page.
  • Fixed an issue where only the first dimensional drawing was available on the product page.
  • Fixed an issue where the user was redirected to the front page when going back in the catalogue.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to select "Canned rotor" in guided selection when the language was set to Russian.

What's new in Product Center 1.10?

New styling on buttons and the header.

Links copied to clipboard from the product page now contains more information.

An additional standby pump can now be selected in quick sizing.

RFA CAD files are now available for more products.

All parts are now highlighted when you click a header in the service parts.

It is now possible to find replacements for machine tools.

Project date is now set to the current date when printing.

Improved the spacing between text.

It is now possible to plot a load point in stand-alone motor curves.

For waste water pumps, it is now possible to find products specifically without cooling jacket.

"Spare parts" on the product detail page has been renamed "Service parts".

The "View by Q & H" button in the catalogue no longer appears for products without capacity curves.

Searching for literature on the front page will now show a result list when there is only one result (rather than download it immediately).

Swedish energy price changed to 1.45.

Lithuania now appears in the list of product ranges.

Bug fixes:

  • It is once again possible to size TPE3D and Magna 1D pumps in quick sizing.
  • The "Reset to defaults" button now works in the curve capacity overview in the catalogue.
  • Fixed a bug where the nominal duty point would not appear in prints.
  • There will no longer appear duplicates in the documents section of the product page.
  • Pictures on the product page now scales properly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused text in the header to overlap in prints.
  • Liquids can now be selected for MTR in the curve capacity overview.
  • Searching for a 60Hz product by name while settings are on 50Hz now properly shows 60Hz products.
  • Removed some text that would erroneously appear in prints whenever including Installation illustration after calculating pipe friction losses.
  • Corrected some use cases where tabbing would take you to the top of the page.
  • Fixed an issue where product name in change configuration would sometimes become blank.
  • Proper suggestions now appears when looking for a replacement of LPD pumps.
  • All HS products now appear in the curve capacity overview when frequency is set to 60Hz.
  • For some renewable products, friction loss is no longer added twice in the print.
  • The drop down in the search bar on the front page now shows only one arrow in Firefox.
  • Fixed a bug where viscosity and density would not be updated in the curve capacity overview in the catalogue.
  • On the product page, the correct input is now shown whenever clicking on the curve with another unit than default selected.
  • Products are now sorted properly when printing from projects.

What's new in Product Center 1.9?

It is now possible to search for literature by selecting "Literature" in the new drop down in the search box.

Quick sizing has been adjusted so that it now uses the same calculations as advanced sizing. This gives a considerate increase in performance.

Projects now loads a lot faster than previously.

There will no longer appear an empty pop-up when you press "Start sizing" on the front page without either Q, H or what to size by. Instead the missing field will be marked with a red arrow.

When typing in "GO" in the search box, there will now appear suggestions for "Grundfos GO".

The selected application is now remembered in advanced sizing.

Improved the messages that users receive whenever the input yields no results in advanced sizing.

It is now prioritized to show product families in search. Previously, searching for "UPS 2" would suggest "UPS 20-XX" products, but now the "UPS2" comes up as the top suggestion.

It is now possible to select amongst more liquids for TPE2/3 pumps.

Change configuration now only appears for products where it is supported.

Errors now contain more information that makes it easier for our developers to track down the cause.

Heating season is now 365 days for Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Weather data added for Papua New Guinea.

Bug fixes:

  • Graphs for dosing pumps will now properly reflect if they have double heads.
  • It is now possible to click on the motor number on the product page to see the motor details.
  • Sizing results can now be found in a tab on the product page.
  • In waste water sizing in advanced sizing, the geodetic height will no longer reset when pressing a "calculate" link right after inserting a value.
  • Rpm is no longer shown on the family page for TP and TPE pumps.
  • Fixed an issue in projects where including capital letters in the e-mail address would not add the user properly.
  • Tooltips on the product details no longer block the input
  • It is now possible to search for discontinued product families.
  • Fixed a bug where there would be no results when a multiple pumps solution was set in quick sizing.
  • Flanges are now taken into consideration in replacement.
  • Clicking on "Find Service & Solutions" in "Find product" in the menu will now properly take you to the "Service & Solutions" page.
  • Searching for "MG" will no longer cause an error.
  • Using the back button in the breadcrumps will no longer cause you to sometimes be taken out of GPC.
  • Fixed an issue where products with product number "On request" would be given a product number in comparison.
  • Fixed an error 500 that would occur in replacement when the current product range doesn't include a proper replacement.
  • Pressing enter when typing in input on the product page will no longer cause the "Change Configuration" options to appear.
  • Projects now show LCC properly when printing.
  • Fixed a bug where some users would see a dialogue telling them to verify even though they had already verified their account.
  • The character indicator when typing in notes on projects now properly reflect the available amount of characters left.
  • Several optimizations and corrections industrial applications.
  • Quotation text is no longer selected in the print dialogue if there is no quotation text.
  • For local quotation text that are taken from Hybris this rule has been implemented: If some of the labels are missing in Hybris, the quotation text from CTF will be shown. If the local text doesn't exist, then the English version from CTF will be shown.
  • The Latvia product range is now available in settings.

New products

  • BM 9
  • JPC
  • KPC

New product variants

  • CMBE
  • CRE
  • MTH 2 and 4, Japan
  • TP Series 300, new IE4