Diagnostic tools

Grundfos has the diagnostic tools to identify whether energy is being wasted in a pumps system and the focus on Life Cycle Costs to show that replacement of an existing pump can save you money.

Does your system waste energy and money?

If a pumps system is wasting energy, Grundfos has the tools to diagnose the problem and optimise the system. When energy accounts for a staggering 85% of the total cost, that’s where you can achieve real savings. In many systems, more than half of all the energy consumed by the pumps could be saved.

At Grundfos, we carefully consider the Life Cycle Cost of all our products – quite simply because that’s the only way to show the real cost of owning and operating them. The concept covers everything from purchase price through operation to scrap value. Replacement could well be the cheapest option in the long term – and a pump audit could be described as a spot check of the Life Cycle Cost of your system.

Grundfos has developed a pump audit that can determine where losses are occurring in your system. It will then suggest what you can do and how much you will save.

Our Pump Audit will check-up on the efficiency of your pumps. During a test period it will reveal how much energy you could save by switching to a different and maybe more modern pump model. The audit outlines the recommended changes, the energy saving, CO2 reduction and the payback time.

If it is time for a replacement, you will benefit from using our specially developed Internet-based pump sizing tool in WebCAPS. It can instantly tell you exactly which pump will meet your demands. Grundfos Life Cycle Costs will calculate your costs over the pump’s lifetime.