Features checklist


Features checklist

The following ‘checklist’ presents some of the MAGNA3’s main features and benefits.

Full range pump
The MAGNA3 comes in over 150 single or twin versions in cast iron or stainless steel, and with 18 m maximum head and 78.5 m3/h maximum flow (150 m3/h for twin configurations).

Extended liquid temperature range
The liquid temperature range is -10°C to +110°C, and is now independent of ambient temperature (0°C to +40°C).

Superior energy efficiency
The MAGNA3 boasts an EEI rating of just 0.18 across the range, easily beating EU standards for efficiency and
Best in Class technology.

Greater reliability
A corrosion-resistant housing and air-cooled electronics further improve reliability.

Easy installation
Features such as the single-screw clamp ring, intuitive user interface and Grundfos GO compatibility make installation and servicing faster than ever.

BMS integration
For connection to BMS, CIM modules with the following fieldbus standards can be added: LON, Profibus, Modbus, SMS/GSM/GPRS, GRM and BACnet. In addition, the GENIbus is also available. In all replacement situations, the pump is 100% backwards compatible with the MAGNA Series 2000 range.

Expanded I/O package
Includes 1 analogue input (0-10V/4-20mA) with built-in power, 2 relay outputs that can be configured individually as operation, ready or alarm, 3 digital inputs for external start/stop, maximum curve and minimum curve, and wireless connectivity.

Intelligent operating modes
AUTOADAPT and FLOWADAPT modes automatically ensure optimal efficiency as conditions and demands change.

Built-in heat energy meter
A built-in heat energy meter monitors system heat energy distribution and consumption to prevent costly system imbalances. The meter has a tolerance of +/-1 to 10%, depending on the duty point.

Multi-pump functions
The wireless GeniAir connection enables a range of multi-pump functions without the use of expansion modules.


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